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Body treatments


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Express Slimming is an effective slimming body treatment, focused on the abdomen, buttocks and waist zones. Even after the first session of the massage performed with a series of stimulating, deeply effective movements, the tightening effect on the skin is clearly noticeable, toning the muscles and making the contours slimmer. The special active ingredient lies in the tiny pearls which are rolled over the body during the massage. By the end of the massage, the pearls are dissolved, giving the skin a silky glow and noticeably slimming the body parts receiving special attention. Enjoy the refreshing effect and lightness of the massage!

Thalion Express Slim treatment on butt, tighs, stomach, hip

11.990 Ft

Thalion Express Slim treatment on butt, tighs, stomach, hip, arms

13.990 Ft

With extra vacuum lymphatic vacuum drainage massage

+3.990 Ft

Body Shaping treatments

9.990 Ft

Complete your training program with our complex slimming treatment! The cellulite massage performed with the paprika oil is extremely effective, as it enhances the blood- and lymphatic circulation, hence removing toxins from the affected area and decreasing the size of the fat tissues. This is followed by a 30-minute firming body wrap to further enhance the effectiveness of treatment. The thus loosened fat and waste products are then lead into lymphatic system using the cupping technique.

Firming algae treatment (90 minutes)

9.990 Ft

The algae products are high in minerals, trace elements they stimulate cell-building, enhance skin regeneration and improve the elasticity of the connective tissues, they promote detoxification and improve cell metabolism. During this firming treatment we combine it with a paprika massage oil to perform an anti-cellulite massage that is followed by a 30-minute algae body wrap and a special vacuum cupping treatment.

Our body shaping treatments are also available in discounted package deals:


Our multi-session passes are non-transferable, non-refundable and are valid for 6 month after date of purchase. The body shaping discounted multi-session passes are not valid for the Thalion Express Slim treatments.

Beautifying Body treatments
Relaxing body scrub for a silky soft skin (60 minutes)

9.990 Ft

The ultimate pampering session for your body and soul! Thanks to the peach seed powder the peeling gently but effectively removes the dead skin cells. Due to its algae and coconut oil content it also detoxifies and hydrates the skin and improves its moisture level. For the truly velvety and long-lasting finish after the 30 minutes peeling massage we apply a deeply hydrating and nourishing lotion.

Hydrating, beautifying body wrap with exfoliation (90 minutes)

9.990 Ft

Imagine the softest skin you can; this is what this magical treatment is offering you. The 30 minute peeling massage will completely remove all the dead skin cells, enhancing the absorption of active ingredients used during the rest of the treatment. During the 30 minute body wrap we use deeply nourishing and hydrating products that will surly make your skin velvety and smooth. We finish this treatment with a 20 minute hydrating massage for the ultimate revitalized glow.

Cleansing treatment of the back (pore extraction)

15.990 Ft

Have you had enough of the annoying spots and pimples covering your back? Try our wonderful cleansing treatment containing the purest natural ingredients and say goodbye to all your insecurities.

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