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Massage Treatments

Relax massage

A relaxing massage with soft movements for complete relaxation..

30 minutes     7 .000 Ft
minutes    14.000 Ft

75 minutes    17.500 Ft
minutes    21.000 Ft

Swedish massage with trigger point therapy (focused as needed on leg / waist / back / shoulder / neck ) 

A more intense full body massage with a special focus on pain and muscle tension, with trigger point therapy and cupping as needed.

60 minutes    14.000 Ft

75 minutes    17.500 Ft

90 minutes    21.000 Ft

Foot massage

It stimulates the body's self-healing mechanisms, improves blood circulation, restores blood pressure. The massage takes place on the whole foot and lower leg, which relaxes and relieves tension.

30 minutes      7.000 Ft
60 minutes    14.000 Ft


Dead Sea salt massage on the back

This refreshing, vitalizing massage with Dead Sea salt removes dead skin cells and stimulates lymph- and blood circulation. It also has a detoxifying effect in the deeper layers of the skin. It has mmune-boosting and skin rejuvenating effects and increases the skin's ability to bind water.

30 minutes  7.000 Ft

Honey massage on the back

During a massage with honey, the vitamins in the honey penetrate the body while sucking out the toxins. The skin becomes spectacularly smooth and silky soft. It also dissolves calcification.

30 minutes    7.000 Ft


Pampering chocolate massage

A massage with real Belgian dark chocolate with 75% cocoa content. Relieves stress, hydrates and nourishes. Accelerates metabolism, diuretic, has an antidepressant effect due to its smell.

60 minutes    14.000 Ft

Anti-aging massage for the whole body

Organic coconut- and avocado oil mixture with black cumin seed oil.
Full body massage with a mixture of oils after body scrub.
Estrogenic oils, that activate stem cells, increase collagen-, elastin- and hyaluronic acid production and lighten stretch marks. They have an extraordinary hydrating ability and at the same time reduce inflammatory processes by their ability to kill viruses and bacteria. Recommended for eczematous, psoriasis, inflammatory skin.

90 minutes    21.000 Ft

Eden aromatic hot coconut oil massage

Massage with fragranto Organic, 100% pure and natural coconut oil  rich in antioxidants, which hydrates, softens the skin, slows down cell aging, reduces wrinkles and acne.

60 minutes    14.000 Ft

75 minutes    17.500 Ft

90 minutes    15.000 Ft

Pampering rose oil massage for the whole body

Relaxing massage with soft movements.
The special, intoxicatingly scented rose oil has a refreshing effect on both body and soul.

60 minutes    14.000 Ft

90 minutes    21.000 Ft

VAGUS nerve therapy

The Vagus nerve connects the Gut-Brain Axis, it is its communicator. As a result of stress, its tone decreases, which affects all our organs in a negative sense, causing diseases. THE GOOD NEWS: the tone of the Vagus nerve can be increased by manual mobilization, which helps to restore the vegetative balance, which also has a positive effect on our organs. The treatment is 30 minutes long, completely painless and completely relaxing.
This treatment is meant for you if:
- you sleep badly
- you are depressed
- your day is full of stress
- you crumble under the mental load
- you have digestive problems
- you have hormone problems
- you are unable to get pregnant
- you have high blood pressure
- I suffer from rheumatism

30 minutes    7.000 Ft

Our masseurs:


Gogolya Péterné Enikő: 0670-414-8049


  • Sweedish massage

  • Cupping

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Flossing

  • Vagus nerve therapy

  • Migren treatment

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