Morning wake up Swedish massage (head, shoulders, neck)

Refreshing massage to relieve muscle tension around the neck and shoulders caused by stress and to help you take charge of your health and well-being. Based on its positive effect it increases the ability to concentrate and activates the tired mind. It helps to get rid of tension, energize the skin of your head and stimulates blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth as well. This massage instantly refreshes your body and mind, making it the perfect choice for people with stressful lifestyles. Try this relaxing treatment in the morning or at the end of a long day.

30 minutes 4.490 Ft



Refreshing Swedish massage from head to toe

This relaxing treatment energizes the body and releases your its aches &pains. It stimulates the blood circulation, boosts your metabolism and puts you in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind. It consist of an intensive massage of each part of the body. The pampering treatment enhances the body's blood and lymph circulation, it relieves stress and decreases muscle soreness, leaving your body & soul feeling completely relaxed.

60 minutes   7.990 Ft
90 minutes 10.990 Ft



Revitalizing, magnificent Swedish massage on the back

Find your inner peace and forget about all your stress and enjoy this energizing, relaxing massage from the base of the lower spine to the nape, which includes the upper part of your hips, the waist, the entire back and shoulders where the muscle spasm mostly occur. The amazing effect of this pampering treatment is guaranteed to brighten your whole day.

30 minutes    4.490 Ft
60 minutes    6.990 Ft


Revitalizing Swedish massage on the back with sea salt

30 minutes    5.490 Ft


Energizing foot massage

Foot reflexology massage is a safe healing method full of beneficial effects in itself or combined with other massages. Every organ of our body communicates with different parts of our feet, so touching different reflex points of the feet stimulates the body's own healing mechanisms to improve blood circulation, and restore blood pressure. Its pleasantly relaxing, stress-relieving and mood-improving effects are immediately noticeable.

30 minutes    3.990 Ft
60 minutes    5.990 Ft


Scented dream: relaxing, aromatherapy massage

Come and join us at the island of peace and tranquillity, whilst our pampering treatment spoils all your senses. During this session our therapist applies aromatherapy oils and special essential oils using circular smoothing and rubbing movements on the entire body. Enjoy the traditional aromatherapy massage techniques which not only leaves the skin replenished and rejuvenated but also enhances relaxation and releases tension and stress. Surrender to this magnificent sensory journey!

60 minutes  8.990 Ft

Aphrodite's favourite: magnificent  rose scented massage

The unique, invigoratingly fragrant rose oil is soothing for body and soul, a real elixir of youth, beauty and love. A full-bodied pampering massage delivers a magical rose scent to the room, that has beneficial effects on women's self-confidence, so a fragile, yet powerful atmosphere appears in their  aura.

 60 minutes   8.990 Ft


Sweet moments: pampering chocolate massage

Sweeten up your day, indulge your senses and warm your soul with a decadent chocolate massage. The natural antioxidants of pure cocoa help to flush out impurities, great for the circulation, stimulate cell regeneration and leave your skin revitalised and radiant. Cocoa butter containing several vitamins and minerals accelerates metabolism, reduce cellulite and dilates blood vessels. The pleasant smell of the entire session has a refreshing effect on the soul. Sweet sin without any calorie. Sounds good, right?

60 minutes   8.990 Ft


Cleopatra’s Dream: honey massage

Melt away stress and enjoy this excellent detoxifying body treatment! Our therapist disperses honey containing valuable minerals through the skin of the entire body. It opens the tiny capillaries and pores, increases blood circulation and metabolism. While honey penetrates deep into the skin it brings more than thirty minerals to the tissues of the body as well is important active ingredients like vitamins and enzymes (calcium, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, iron, phosphorus and many others). The result is smooth and silky soft skin.

60 minutes   8.990 Ft



The black magic: caffeinated firming, slimming massage

Imagine if a cup of coffee can save your life in a bleak Monday morning, how beneficial could it be for the skin when transferred into the fatty tissues and the deeper layers of the skin! The firming effect of the scented caffeine stimulates microcirculation in the skin, helps to slough away any dead skin cells, encourage blood circulation and get to the deeper layers of the skin as well. The diuretic and blood circulation enhancing effect of caffeine has a key role in the fight against cellulite; it improves the skin’s metabolism and the mobilization of fat, while increasing the overall well-being.

60 minutes    8.990 Ft



Eden aromatic hot coconut oil massage

The 100% pure, natural, fragrant coconut oil encourages serenity and mental wellness while toning, nourishing, moisturizing and protecting your delicate skin. The enchanting coconut oil also softens the skin, slows down the aging of skincells, reduces wrinkles and blemishes. The calming effect of this pampering session will help you find your inner harmony whilst the coconut scent will take you to sun-drenched beaches along the Riviera.

60 minutes    8.990 Ft

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