Slimming treatments

Factors influencing the effectiveness of the treatment:

  • The consumption of carbohydrates should be kept at a minimum (avoid any sugar and carbohydrate consumption for 72 hours after the treatment)

  • Drink 3 liters a day during the duration of the treatment course

  • It is recommended to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day! (It can even be walking.)

  • Daily use of strong circulation boosting products is recommended at home between the treatments

  • It is recommended to keep a healthy diet.

  • For the best results it is recommended to treat the same area after 72 hours as part of a course of treatments.




  • pregnancy, lactation, during menstruation

  • epilepsy, before or after a heart operation

  • In case of hemophilia, embolism or thrombosis

  • In case of oozing skin diseases, herpes

  • inflammation, all forms of infectious diseases

  • High blood pressure, fever

  • renal failure, circulatory disorders

  • pancreatitis, hyperthyroidism, immune weakness, cancer

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